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Our next lab meeting

Sometime in 2014!


We have had our last lab meeting for the semester. Lab meetings will resume in late January 2014.

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Future Directions in Compassion Research

Moral decision making

Our Research

At the Iowa Morality Lab, we study the motivated regulation of compassion as well as the construction of moral judgments through affective and cognitive processes.  We also use mathematical modeling to understand how automatic and controlled processes interact to predict moral judgments.




Presently, the Iowa Morality Lab is working on a number of projects focusing on affect and moral decision-making. For instance, how does compassion regulation lead people to stigmatize others? Do different lay theories of compassion lead to different amounts of pro-social behavior? Does emotional awareness lead us to make more contextually informed moral decisions? Do certain populations--including brain lesion patients and psychopaths--lack automatic moral intuitions about harmful actions?

Moral judgment

If you are interested in being an undergraduate research assistant, graduate student, or postdoctoral fellow in the Iowa Morality Lab, please contact Dr. Cameron for more information.

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Is empathy limited?